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Karimunjawa is an archipelago island located on the northern coast of Java with beautiful coral reefs and beaches. Visiting the Karimunjawa islands should definitely be on your list when doing an internship in Indonesia. The location of the Karimunjawa islands is not that far from Yogyakarta city and it is relatively easy to get there. Keep on reading to find out how you can travel to the Karimunjawa islands.

Many tourists know the island Bali, but many of them may never heard of the Karimunjawa islands. Almost similar to Bali, Karimunjawa offers beautiful beaches where you can do snorkeling and diving. The advantage of this island is that it is not too crowded like Bali, but you can still enjoy the sea breeze, swim, and play in the sand.


How to get to Karimunjawa?

You can take a shared bus or minivan called DayTrans from Yogyakarta city to the harbor in Jepara. They will pick you up at the DayTrans office at 11 pm. It is possible to contact Daytrans by phone (0274-385990) but it is even better to go straight to their office at Jl MT. Haryono No. 1. After 4/5 hours depending on the traffic you will arrive in the harbor. As soon as you are arriving in the harbor you can buy the ticket for the boat. There are two boat options. The first one is a fast boat, which costs around Rp. 175.000 and will take 2 hours to cross the ocean. The second is a slow boat, it only costs 60.000 but will take 4 hours. In my opinion, I would take the fast boat, it has more comfortable seats and ofcourse because you arrive quicker on the beautiful island of Karimunjawa.

Tips: have a global planning of your trip so you can book the boat trip ahead Check Express Bahari in Jepara op +62 291 592999 or check on the internet to know which day and what time the boat is going.

Where to stay in Karimunjawa?

There are many accommodations in Karimunjawa, including hotels, homestays, bed and breakfasts, etc. Depending on your budget, you can easily choose your accommodation via For advice, better to book the accommodation in advance because, in the holiday season, there will be fewer choices. Besides that, you can ask the hotel or homestay to pick up you as soon as you are in the harbor.

Sometimes it occurs that the accommodation is far from the harbor, so always good to ask upfront or check google maps. In my opinion, the best accommodation location will be close to the city center as there are more activities to do here.

What can you do in Karimunjawa?

Karimunjawa is the name of the islands. There are a lot of small islands around Karimunjawa, but the biggest island is called Karimunjawa. There are a lot of activities you can do in Karimunjawa.

  1. Islands Hopping

There are many small islands around Karimunjawa. So you can book a trip to visit those islands. It is also a possibility to ask the hotel owner to arrange this trip for you. Usually, an island hopping tour will cost 200.000-300.000 per person. The tour will start in the harbor at which you will go on a small boat with a group of people, during the trip you will do snorkeling, visit other islands, and have an (included) lunch on the island. The guide who joins the trip will tell you how to snorkel and show you the wild turtles.

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  1. Sunset Beach

Visiting the Pantai – meaning beach in Indonesian. On this beach, you can do some water activities. For instance, you can take a canoe ride while enjoying the beautiful sunset. Besides that, you can also go on a banana boat, and do other more fun activities with your group friends.

  1. Driving a scooter on the island.

Another activity in Karimunjawa is to rent a scooter and go around exploring the island. You can rent a scooter by contacting the hotels. The cost of renting a scooter for one day is around Rp. 50.000 – 75.000 depending on the type of the scooter. One of the destinations is the mangrove jungle. You can park the scooter and walk around the mangrove and visit the different types of trees and birds. Other destinations that you can visit are: Alano Beach, Bobby beach, Barracuda Beach, and Love hills to see Karimunjawa from the hill. To end the busy day don’t forget to visit the night market in the center of the island. You can have dinner there and eat fresh fish from the sea. A tip when buying the fish is to ask the price beforehand so that you avoid paying a higher price after the seller baked the fish.

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Traveling and enjoy Karimunjawa is a very recommended activity while doing an internship in Indonesia. Are you interested in doing an internship, research, or minor for your study in Indonesia? And in the meanwhile, visit the beautiful islands of Karimunjawa? For more information, you can contact us via e-mail or check the website. Have a great day and see you in Indonesia.



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