Traveling to Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

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Mount Bromo is one of the destinations known by many people. But unexpectedly, not far from Mount Bromo, there is a beautiful destination that you can visit called Tumpak Sewu. Tumpak Sewu is a waterfall located in Lumajang Regency, East Java. In addition to enjoying the beauty of the waterfall, you can also enjoy trekking to the waterfall and back. Keep reading to find how to travel to Tumpak Sewu Waterfall.

So how to get to Tumpak Sewu Waterfall?

The first option is to use the train. From Yogyakarta, you can take the train at Lempuyangan Station or Yogyakarta Station to Malang Station. Then continue the journey by bus to Bululawang – Dampit – Tirtomoyo – Pronojiwo – the border of Lumajang and Malang. The thing to note when taking the route from Lumajang is the bus availability. Buses on the Lumajang – Malang route usually operate from 07.00 WIB and end around 16.00 WIB. If you arrive at a time that is not possible to use the bus, you can also stay overnight in Malang and then the next day continue the journey to the waterfall.

In addition to using the train, you can also use the bus. You can take a bus from the Giwangan bus station in Yogyakarta to the bus station Arjosari in Malang. Buses operate 24 hours. But most people take a night bus that leaves at 17.00 for example the Gunung Harta Bus. The price per ticket is Rp. 135,000 including dinner at Duta Ngawi Restaurant. The bus arrives at Terminal Arjosari Malang at 03.00. Then the journey can be continued in the same way, taking a bus to Bululawang – Dampit – Tirtomoyo – Pronojiwo – Lumajang and Malang borders. You can also rent a car and private driver from Malang to the waterfall and back. The prices offered usually vary, starting from Rp. 600,000- Rp. 1,000,000 with a capacity of 3 people. Travel by car can be reached for approximately 3 hours.

Arriving in the Tumpak Sewu area.

After arriving at the parking lot of the waterfall, you can enjoy your breakfast at the nearest stalls. To see the waterfall from above, just walk for about 10 minutes, the view of Tumpak Sewu Waterfall is right in front of your eyes. However, to see the waterfall from the bottom side, you have to walk for approximately 30-45 minutes with narrow, slippery roads, most of which are made of bamboo. The unique thing is that on the way to the main waterfall, there is stunning natural scenery, green cliffs, the sound of birds and small waterfalls along the way.

Once arrived at the bottom you can walk for a while on the side of the river. What a beautiful sight you can enjoy. Hundreds of waterfalls in front of you. The sound of the rushing waterfall soothes the soul. Do not forget while enjoying the beauty of nature to take photos. In the morning, there are little visitors, so the beautiful scenery feels like your own.

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Tretes Cave

Satisfied with enjoying Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, you can continue your journey down the river to Tretes Cave. Sometimes during the trip there are people who offer services to accompany or guide at a price of Rp. 200,000. For those who are interested in history and are afraid to get lost, they can use these services. But don’t worry, the directions are very clear and it feels like there’s no need to hire a guide. On the way to Tretes Cave, you can walk along the stream of waterfalls. There is also a small natural pool that can be used for swimming. The distance from Waterfall to Tretes Cave can be reached within 1 hour by slow walking.

Goa Tetes is a waterfall with a cave-like back and a trickle of water dripping due to the presence of grass. Unfortunately, the current condition of Goa Tetes is not as good anymore since there was a landslide and some parts got damaged. But don’t worry, Tretes Cave can still be visited. After all, there are only two ways to return to the parking lot, namely through Trestes Cave and the other is by using the same path when going down to the bottom of the waterfall. I highly recommend taking the Trestes Cave direction besides it is better and has a variety of views

Enjoy your travels in East Java

The last part of the road to the parking lot is in the form of stairs. Quite a lot of stairs to pass. However, don’t worry you can stop for a moment to enjoy the stunning nature to later continue the journey again. Once, you arrived at the parking lot you can enjoy the rest of your travels in East Java.

Tumpak Sewu Waterfall-Intern Indonesia

Traveling to Tumpak Sewu Waterfall should definitely be on your list while you visit Indonesia. Are you interested in doing an internship, research, or minor for your study in Indonesia? And in the meanwhile, visit the beautiful Tumpak Sewu Waterfall? For more information, you can contact us via e-mail or check the website. Have a great day and see you in Indonesia.



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