How does it work?

How does it work?

Step 1: Contact us at:apply form or mail'

Step 2: We plan a personal intake where we can get to know each other and to discover the possibilities. By figuring out your wishes, we try to find the perfect match!  

Step 3: When a suitable place is found, an agreement will be signed. You register via the website. You choose a suitable package. We will then send you an invoice. So you pay nothing until the perfect placement is found for you.

*You can find our guidebook here for more information: Guidebook!


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We listen to your wishes as an individual. After a personal intake, we look for an internship, research or minor place that suits you. We take your wishes and the requirements of your education into account.

Guidance and preparation

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We provide advice and information in all areas. We make sure everything you need is taken care of before and after your departure. If you experience problems during your internship, with your accommodation or in other areas, we are always ready to support you! That is the advantage of being on location.



We will arrange your residence based on your wishes! Do you want to live with other students? Do you want an air conditioner in your room? Do you want a swimming pool in your garden? 🤩

That's all possible, we'll arrange it for you!

*Note: you are responsible for the monthly rent.



We help you with the application of your visa and its extension at your destination!

*Note, you are responsible for the costs of the visa.



Most people choose to rent a scooter so they can go wherever they want. Our team ensures that you are well prepared before you hit the road.

Traffic in Indonesia is much more chaotic than we are used to in the Netherlands. But it is a very nice experience!

*Don't want to rent a scooter? Don't worry, there are many (cheap) options to get from A to B. 

*Note, the rental of the scooter is at your own expense.



We will pick you up from the airport on arrival and take you to your accommodation. You will receive a welcome package from us containing handy/fun items. In addition, we give you useful tips about, for example:

  • Where is the nearest supermarket
  • Where is the nearest ATM
  • Agreements about any scooter
  • Installing your Indonesian SIM card

Simcard + instructions

It is recommended to take a local SIM card. We can take care of these for you. You will then receive a SIM card with internet. You can top up this SIM card as soon as your internet is up. We will give you these instructions during the pick-up at your new accommodation!

With this SIM card you can be reached everywhere in Indonesia!


    Introduction day

    You are now finally settled in Indonesia. Off to the introduction day. This is the day on which all students and volunteers (who are there at that time) come together for an introduction in preparation for your internship, minor, research or volunteer work. You will get to know all the students and volunteers here! We will end this day with a nice drink and a snack! Cheersss on a new adventure🍻🍸

    During this day we will discuss the following topics:

      • Culture & Faith
      • The Indonesian language
      • Ethics & dilemmas
      • Visa extension
      • Other practical matters that are important
      • Image

        Available 24/7

        In case of emergency, we are available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For example, when there is need to visit the hospital, we are on standby to translate everything for you and support you. You do not have to worry that doctors or nurses do not understand you or vice versa.

        Should you find it necessary for us to contact the home front? Then we take care of that too!


            Joint first day of internship

            We always say: a good start is very important.

            We will accompany you on the first day of the internship, so that we can ensure a good introduction. We discuss expectations and possibly make a schedule for the first 2 weeks, so that you are not thrown in at the deep end! Our fluent Dutch-English-Indonesian speaking team will help you with this.

                Tours, trips & parties

                Ternate Intern Indonesia
                Pamutusan Intern Indonesia
                Raja Ampat Intern Indonesia

                And last but not least, the fun outings in Indonesia. Intern Indonesia organizes various trips to beautiful islands and nature reserves. If you are interested, please contact our team.

                During your internship or volunteer work, we also organize fun barbecues & parties.


                  In addition to your studies, you also want to discover beautiful Indonesia. We also provide activities to help you explore Indonesia!We regularly organize trips and activities during your semester. Think of drinks / dinners, workshops, climbing a volcano or visiting a tropical island!

                  SIM card + manual
                  In addition to the wifi that you get at your accommodation, it is handy that you can be reached anywhere on your phone. For €10 you will receive a local SIM card with internet from us. You will receive a manual on how to upgrade it. 

                  Bahasa Indonesia Course 
                  Intern Indonesia gives you the opportunity to take Indonesian classes. This can be done individually or in small groups and can be flexibly planned in addition to your internship or volunteer work. Learning the language makes your stay in Indonesia a lot easier!

                  We offer different kind of packages: 


                  Price € 

                  5 lessons  


                  10 lessons 


                  15 lessons 


                  20 lessons 


                  Per individual lesson  


                  • Lesson is 1 hour 


                  We offer interns the opportunity to use an interpreter if they feel this is necessary. The intern then gets a permanent interpreter who joins along for a few hours a week. This offer is not mandatory. You can also use one interpreter with another intern. 


                  Price per week € 

                  Price per month € 

                  2 hours per week 



                  5 hours per week 



                  8 hours per week 



                  10 hours per week  



                  12 hours per week  



                  Coaching trajectory  
                  Are you a student or volunteer who wants to work in the social work field, in education or in health care? Then the coaching process is mandatory for the first 3 months to guarantee responsible assistance with a positive impact. You will also receive a workshop in which the most important topics are discussed. This workshop and the coaching process are offered by the Think Volunteer foundation. Click the following link for more information:
                   Think Volunteer

                  Do you have a different study background than described above? Then the coaching process is optional. We give you the opportunity to follow intervision/supervision meetings together with others. The groups are supervised by a social worker. You will also receive an introduction day in which you can get to know the other students. During your stay abroad you may encounter certain things. Think of a culture shock, the different standards and values ​​or wrong expectations. During the meetings, your thinking, feeling, acting and reflecting on this are central. The cases presented are made clear and your personal development is stimulated. During and after your internship we will look back and evaluate. 
                  - Every month we will visit you at your project/organization 
                  - Every month we plan a coaching meeting 
                  Per month €50 
                  Minor guidance 
                  For some universities it is not always clear what a free minor entails and what the possibilities are. We think this is a shame, because a free minor can be a very educational experience in addition to your own development and wishes as an individual. 
                  The team is specialized in free minors. Not only because we did a free minor in Indonesia ourselves, but also because we have experience in supervising this. You will receive a minor example and we will help you set up a plan. You get tips & tricks and in total plans we have three brainstorm/support sessions that can help you to put together your free minor as well as possible.

                  Single payment €75


                  Think Volunteer

                  Logo Think Volunteer

                  Intern Indonesia has a close collaboration with the Think Volunteer foundation. Intern Indonesia attaches great importance to good and responsible care when it comes to working with vulnerable target groups. We think it is important to pay the right attention to this.

                  Think Volunteer is committed to motivating international volunteering in developing countries with a positive impact and counteracting a negative impact! Intern Indonesia therefore adheres to the quality guidelines of Think Volunteer.

                  Logo Think Volunteer Academy

                  Responsible travel and volunteering with a positive impact. That's what it's all about with the Think Volunteer. When you start working with vulnerable target groups, you will be prepared through a workshop and you will be coached by a team of experience experts.

                  Think Volunteer is currently working on its Academy, a digital platform (learning environment) to prepare you for your internship or volunteer work abroad. The needs of the volunteer and the local target group are considered. In this way you will ultimately contribute as a volunteer or intern. Knowing more? Check: Think Volunteer Academy.

                  (Before anything else, preparation is the key to success)
                  - A.G. Bell

                  Want to know more about Think Volunteer?

                  Intern Indonesia cooperates with several educational institutions:

                  Han University Intern Indonesia
                  Saxion Intern Indonesia
                  Friesland college Intern Indonesia
                  Zuyd Intern Indonesia
                  Fontys Intern Indonesia
                  Fontys Intern Indonesia

                  Willem 2 college Intern Indonesia
                  Hanzehogeschool Intern Indonesia

                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  A journey that will change your life raises many questions...

                  Is your question not listed here? Then send us a: message!

                  What does corona mean for your internship?
                  Just like you, we are concerned about the situation surrounding the spread of the Corona Virus. It is an exceptional situation that we have not experienced before. For the volunteers and students who have already registered or would like to register, we understand that all the uncertainty is annoying and that you have a number of questions. We will answer some frequently asked questions on this page and continue to update the corona situation in Indonesia.

                  Frequently Asked Questions 
                  What does it mean for me if my trip is cancelled? 
                  We can give you two options:
                  1. If your internship cannot take place, we can offer you a voucher. This means that we offer you a flexible option and that you keep the amount you have paid to us as a credit ('voucher').
                  2. When you decide to cancel your trip, we stick to our
                  cancellation policy, which can be found in our General Terms & Conditions
                  This means that if the student unsubscribes on time, he or she will receive the largest part of the amount refunded, as described in the table. When a student or volunteer registers, we also have to deal with preparations and certain costs that have to be made. 

                  I am interested in an internship, but careful with making plans due to the current corona situation. Can I register without obligation?
                  You are always welcome for a conversation and you are always allowed to orientate. Suppose we have a place that suits you, you can choose to wait a little longer with the payment and in more certain times make a choice and still pay the invoice. It does work with us; first come, first served. The payment of the invoice officially establishes an internship at 1 of our projects. The risk can then be that if you wait too long, the desired place will be full.

                  If I can't do an internship, can I support in another way?
                  Join one of the projects as a volunteer and support our partner: Think Volunteer!
                  They are open to all kinds of initiatives and ideas
                  * Ambassadors: As an ambassador of Think Volunteer you can commit yourself in different ways. Are you curious? View the detailed description on the website.
                  * Become a friend of Think Volunteer to support the vulnerable people and animals in Indonesia! As a 'friend' you support them for a certain amount per month or per year, you are completely free to do this. This is possible from 20 euros per year! Would you like to contribute? then click here!

                  Where can I go with my other questions?
                  You can always app, call or email us and we will of course try to help and support you as much as possible with questions.
                  This situation is also exceptional for us. We ask for understanding if we don't have an answer to your question right away or if we can't help you right away.

                  View the general frequently asked questions below:

                  Information for parents

                  Information for parents

                  We understand that it can be exciting for you to let your child go to the other side of the world. Below is an overview with answers to frequently asked questions. If you want more information you can always contact us. We are happy to talk to you and hope we can answer your questions as good as possible. 

                  Where will my son/daughter stay? 
                  When your son/daughter joins the discovery trip, he or she will stay in a hostel with other participants. If your son/daughter is going for an internship or as a volunteer, we will arrange an accommodation which meets Western standards. He or she will be placed with other volunteers/students. 
                  Will my son/daughter be safe? 
                  Indonesia is a safe country. We will do everything to make sure that your son/daughter is safe while participating the project. There is always a project coordinator 24/7 available.  

                  What about the Indonesian culture and religion? 
                  Indonesia is a democratic country with a Muslim majority population. Indonesians are known for their friendliness and hospitality. Your child will probably feel very welcome. However, it is important to take certain things into account. For example, in Indonesia it is not customary to show affection for each other publicly and the elderly are highly regarded within Indonesian culture. When visiting temples, schools and government agencies, shoulders and legs should be covered. Swimwear is accepted in tourist areas, but if your child is in a non-tourist area, this may not always be appreciated.  
                  Which insurances does my son/daughter need? 

                  In any case, he or she needs liability insurance and health insurance, which also covers Indonesia. We ask all participants to take out insurance that includes repatriation costs and to check carefully which emergency aid is and is not covered by the insurance. 

                  Will there be other studentsor volunteers in Indonesia? 
                  Yes, these days young people travel/study/volunteer everywhere on earth. There are many Western people in Indonesia. There are enough events where Western people get in contact with each other. 

                  Which vaccinations does my son/daughter need? 
                  Regardless of length of stay, the following vaccinations are recommended for Indonesia: vaccination against DTP and vaccination against hepatitis A. 
                  For a stay of more than three months, vaccinations are recommended for Indonesia against typhoid fever, hepatitis B, rabies (= rabies) and in some cases tuberculosis. Sometimes vaccinations against these diseases are recommended for Indonesia for a shorter stay. Always consult the GGD yourself for current information about vaccinations.

                  How do I stay in contact with my son/daughter? 
                  Just like in the Netherlands, there is also internet available in Indonesia. Keep in mind that the internet in Indonesia is of lower quality than in the Netherlands. Internet is available at most restaurants, hotels and homes. In addition, there are often numerous internet cafes nearby. Your child also has the option to purchase a local SIM card. We are happy to help with this!  

                  What if my son/daughter gets in trouble? 
                  There is 24/7 a project coordinator available. We make sure that your son/daughter has the correct emergency numbers and the project coordinator will be as quickly as possible present when an emergency occurs. We ask your son/daughter always to care their health insurance card with him/her. When a serious illness or accident occurs, you will be contacted.  

                  Does my son/daughter get a salary? 
                  No, it is forbidden by law in Indonesia to receive a salary for an internship or volunteering. However, there are opportunities for grants or financial support. 

                  General Terms & Conditions

                  General Terms & Conditions

                  Do you have any questions or is it not completely clear to you? Then send us a message via us: Contactform

                  Travel insurance

                  Allianz travel insurance

                  Are you planning a trip to Indonesia? Then it is important that you have good travel insurance. Intern Indonesia recommends Allianz travel insurance. We have personally positive experiences with this insurance and it is also a cheap insurance. Click on the button below to take out the right insurance so that you can travel safely and with peace of mind!

                  Allianz reisverzekering - Intern Indonesia