Lees de ervaringen en laat je inspireren door de studenten die jou voorgingen!


Ik heb mijn stage ervaring in Indonesië (Bali) als zeer positief ervaren. Ik heb stage gelopen bij een Nederlands bedrijfje en daar een hele fijne tijd gehad. Ik ben heel blij geweest met jullie hulp. Alles moest op vrij korte termijn geregeld worden en als nog hebben jullie er voor gezorgd dat ik heel goed terecht ben gekomen. Ik had ook een erg fijne accommodatie. Voor mij gevoel is er alles aan gedaan om mij zo goed mogelijk te helpen bij de voorbereiding en kon ik altijd terug vallen op jullie tijdens mijn stage!



I would recommend everyone to go abroad! Not only because Yogyakarta is such a nice city, but also because I think living in a different country for a while is good for your personal development. Now that the 5 months are over, I feel terrible that I have to go back to the Netherlands to continue my studies. I wish I could stay here for a few months longer! 
If I had to do an internship again, I would have done the same thing again: To Yogyakarta for my internship, arranged by Mirthe & Zillah from Intern Indonesia!


Why Indonesia? In 2018, I spent about six weeks vacation in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore during the summer period. This was so great that I decided to go again as soon as possible. With the help of Intern Indonesia I found a place where I could do my graduation and made the first contact through them. After a lot of consultation and arranging, the time had finally come, I could leave! Wonderful experience!


For me it was an experience for life! Don't forget tot follow coaching, because with us, it really helped!
Also because we were together a lot in the beginning through the workshop, but also because you also interacted with us in an informal way and we also did fun things together besides work, I felt very much at home! Thanks again!


Intern Indonesia is a good organization that helps you find a suitable internship. In addition finding good work for you, they also help you with all the things around it. Intern Indonesia has found a house for me and helped with renting a scooter. During the months that you are in Indonesia you meet regularly to talk about your experiences and possible problems, so you can get the best out of your work. I am very happy that I found an internship through Intern Indonesia, you have a base in fantastic Indonesia right away!


A very nice place and a nice organization. There are many possibilities and during my internship I had a lot of freedom. I was and I am very satisfied. You are very open and involved, very nice!


Intern Indonesia has really found a perfect internship for me. I have had a very educational and great experience for my tourism internship in a hotel. I was given a lot of freedom, responsibility and enough space to develop myself. I experienced the support of Intern Indonesia as very personal. This is nice, because it made me feel at home quickly.