Read the experiences and be inspired by the students who came before you!


I have experienced my internship experience in Indonesia (Bali) as very positive. I did an internship at a Dutch company and had a great time there. I have been very happy with your help. Everything had to be arranged in a fairly short period of time and you have ensured that I ended up very well. I also had a very nice accommodation. I feel like everything has been done to help me with the preparation as best as possible and I could always fall back on you during my internship!



I would recommend everyone to go abroad! Not only because Yogyakarta is such a nice city, but also because I think living in a different country for a while is good for your personal development. Now that the 5 months are over, I feel terrible that I have to go back to the Netherlands to continue my studies. I wish I could stay here for a few months longer! 
If I had to do an internship again, I would have done the same thing again: To Yogyakarta for my internship, arranged by Mirthe & Zillah from Intern Indonesia!


Why Indonesia? In 2018, I spent about six weeks vacation in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore during the summer period. This was so great that I decided to go again as soon as possible. With the help of Intern Indonesia I found a place where I could do my graduation and made the first contact through them. After a lot of consultation and arranging, the time had finally come, I could leave! Wonderful experience!


For me it was an experience for life! Don't forget tot follow coaching, because with us, it really helped!
Also because we were together a lot in the beginning through the workshop, but also because you also interacted with us in an informal way and we also did fun things together besides work, I felt very much at home! Thanks again!


Intern Indonesia is a good organization that helps you find a suitable internship. In addition finding good work for you, they also help you with all the things around it. Intern Indonesia has found a house for me and helped with renting a scooter. During the months that you are in Indonesia you meet regularly to talk about your experiences and possible problems, so you can get the best out of your work. I am very happy that I found an internship through Intern Indonesia, you have a base in fantastic Indonesia right away!


A very nice place and a nice organization. There are many possibilities and during my internship I had a lot of freedom. I was and I am very satisfied. You are very open and involved, very nice!


Intern Indonesia has really found a perfect internship for me. I have had a very educational and great experience for my tourism internship in a hotel. I was given a lot of freedom, responsibility and enough space to develop myself. I experienced the support of Intern Indonesia as very personal. This is nice, because it made me feel at home quickly.