What is Batik?

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Batik - Intern Indonesia

Batik is a technique using wax for producing designs on the fabric. The word batik itself came from the word ‘ambatik’ which means ‘a cloth with little dots’. For Indonesians, batik is important because many people would wear it to formal or casual gatherings. They wear it in a variety of rituals, ceremonies, traditions, festivities, and even everyday life. History … Read More

Coffee in Indonesia: The journey from coffee bean to cappuccino

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women drinking coffe - Intern Indonesia

Coffee is the most widely consumed beverage around the world. On every occasion coffee is more than just a drink. Coffee is comforting but also connects people and shares history. In the Netherlands, an average person drinks 4 cups of coffee in a day. However, that makes the Dutch become one of the biggest coffee drinkers in the world as … Read More

Traveling to Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

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waterfall - Intern Indoneisa

Mount Bromo is one of the destinations known by many people. But unexpectedly, not far from Mount Bromo, there is a beautiful destination that you can visit called Tumpak Sewu. Tumpak Sewu is a waterfall located in Lumajang Regency, East Java. In addition to enjoying the beauty of the waterfall, you can also enjoy trekking to the waterfall and back. … Read More

Travel to Karimunjawa Islands

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karimunjawa intern indonesia

Karimunjawa is an archipelago island located on the northern coast of Java with beautiful coral reefs and beaches. Visiting the Karimunjawa islands should definitely be on your list when doing an internship in Indonesia. The location of the Karimunjawa islands is not that far from Yogyakarta city and it is relatively easy to get there. Keep on reading to find … Read More

How to make Lotek and Gado-Gado?

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Lotek - Intern Indonesia

Indonesia is blessed with a diversity of people, race, languages, islands, and the most important thing is food. Food is the source of energy in life. With the variety of spices and herbs Indonesian food is never forgotten. Luckily in the Netherlands we can find most of the spices and herbs we need to cook Indonesian food.  And by the … Read More